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Completed on April 5th 2015. Click HERE for more pics.
Control details.
Pickups and hardware mounted.
Electronics mounted and wiring complete.
Brass plate finished and polished; pickups mounted in place.
Copper shielding for electronics.
Frets dressed and polished.
Finish complete.
First few coats of finish.
Cocobola spacer on the tailpiece.
Brass pickup-plate final shape. Knobs, bridge, and tailpiece staged.
Finished brass tailpiece.
Pre-finish: sanded to 400grit and linseed oiled.
Frets installed.
Dragon inlay with 24k gold eye.
Dragon inlay placement (finished control cap).
Headstock inlay cut, inlayed, and inscribed.
Sperzel locking tuners.
Side dots inlayed.
Headstock ebony/maple/ebony laminates and bevel.
Brass tailpiece shape on blank.
Top-horn back carving detail.
Cocobola top cap glued on. Bridge and tailpiece staged.
Body rough shaped (front) - pre top cap. Circles for weight-relief chambers.
Body rough shaped (back).
Cocobola top cap rough cut out.
Uncut bookmatched Cocobola top.
Body core sections glued together and planed.
Lower body section glued to neck.
Cocobola laminate on the back of the headstock.
Headstock volute, rough shaped.
Neck and body sides with pinstripes.
Neck & headstock cut out and rough-shaped.
Electronics staged within the cavity rout.
Electronics cavity cover cut-out.
Fretboard carving.
Planed neck with truss rod rout.
Neck planed and routed w/ truss rod.
Dragon motif design, finalized art.
Closeup of inlays.
Fret marker inlays complete.
Fret marker inlays cut and glued.
Frets all sawed.
Sawing the frets on the ebony fretboard blank.
Headstock shape drawing.

Neck-angle & headstock-angle measurements and drawings.

Also the Kluson steel bridge.

The complete laminated neck blank.

Measurements & cross-section drawing of neck laminates.

Body shape (ver. 4).

Measurements & cross-section drawing of body laminates.
Curly Maple, Ebony, Padauk boards for body core, laminates, and fret board.
Cocobola board that will be sawn and book-matched for both the top and back caps.